Now I am bored...
[Monday, Feb. 09, 2009]

There's logic somewhere...

You've gotta love Heather's logic.

Me: Heather, why are you tidying everything away?
H: So it will be tidy.
Me: But what will you do then?
H: Then I be bored.
A few minutes later, when everything is put away
Me: So....what are you going to do now?
H: Now I am bored.

We then watched Toy Story 2 three times in a row. Holy crap, the kid loves that film. I'm going to end up having serious issues with Buzz Lightyear if this obsession carries on. Still, I should think myself lucky; at least it's not the Tinkerbell film.

Roller Derby - Frustrating for some

I am SHITE at the moment! I know what my problem is; I hadn't put a couple of memories together until after the last practise a week ago, but the last time I skated was when I was about 9 years old. I fell flat on my ass, damaged my coccyx so severely that I could barely walk for about three weeks and then never skated again.

So. Having thought back and realised this, it's not really surprising that I have an aversion to falling on my ass. BUT I need to get over that, cos my fear is making me tense up, which is making it more difficult to skate than it should be, which ironically is probably making me MORE likely to fall on my ass.

The stupid thing is, I'm not even slightly scared of getting hurt. I broke my arm when I was a kid and it's not that bad. Ok, I am totally shitting myself at the thought of landing on my tailbone again, but I know that I twist when I fall so am more likely to land on a (well padded) ass-cheek anyway. So what is my problem?

I'm a wimp - that's the problem. I'm not scared of getting hurt, but I am scared of falling. Ridiculous.

I think I'm going to have to devote some time to getting used to just falling over when I'm not expecting it - get my speed up and go flying, instead of being all slow and steady and trying to avoid it. Putting that into practise will be the real test!

Baby getting bigger

Charlie's three months old's really flown by. Weirdly, it feels like he's always been here...but also like he's brand new.

Piccies, perhaps?

I'm off over to photobucket as we speak (well, as I write this). If it's working and the babies don't wake up, I'll stick some pics in. If it's not working or the babies demand attention, there'll be an abrupt stop

Heather and Charlie together - they are adorable now, but I suspect they'll send me grey in around a year's time!

Just Charlie being a bear-baby (as opposed to a bare baby)

And now I shall depart...surely both kids aren't likely to give me much more time and I'd rather not finish mid-sentence.

Mwas and loves and wotnot x

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