Back again...
[Friday, Feb. 06, 2009]

The Triumphant Return

Ok, maybe it's not really all that triumphant, as such...but it is a return. Christ I've been crappy at updating this thing over the past few months! It seems child #2 has sapped my ability to take five minutes to do what sometimes feels like a fun but ultimately pointless activity. My Sims time has seriously suffered, too.

The Update

Sooo...what's been going on in Kateworld. Well, I think my last entry was probably a very brief update too, but that was a few months ago so more has happened.

Heather is going to be three in three months (when in hell did that happen, she was a baby not long ago), Charlie is almost three months old now, I'm dying to go back to work, Alex is working ridiculously hard at his new job and I'm seeing him a lot less recently (sad face)...hmm, what else. The cat is still a moron. When I have time to upload some stuff to the bucket of photos (and when I can actually remember my password) I'll put some pics on this here thingymajiggery, but until then you'll just have to use your imagination, damnit.

I'm at home with Heather and Charlie by myself least favourite kind of day. I love my kids, but I do NOT love trying to juggle the needs of a grumpy infant and a very stroppy nearly-three year old at the same time. Right now I'm getting some peace because Heather is making pictures with pritt stick (no actual sticking, she's just making pictures with the glue itself) and Charlie is having a rare daytime nap. Ahhh coffee and computer time for Mommy.

Possible reason why H can be a handful sometimes

We're waiting for an appointment to come through for a paediatrician (sp?) for Heather. I haven't been to the Health Visitor in a while with her, because it's damned awkward to get to and I havent' had any concerns. However, I did start noticing some stuff that I wanted to check her obsession with routines (everything has to follow a pattern, nothing can deviate from what she expects lest we suffer total MELTDOWN), her lack of social skills (and lack of interest in social activities), the fact that she will NOT be touched unless it's on her terms...if you touch her and she's not expecting it she freaks the hell out. Big time. There's a load of stuff. Anyway, I was at the doctor the other day and took opportunity to ask whether this sounded like normal development, or whether we should be trying to do something to help her out. The doctor has recommended we go and get Heather checked for aspergers or autism...scary possibility, but it could just be H-bean character flaws. And even if she does have a challenge like that, I'm sure we could help her to manage it...hell, she'd be on a very highly functioning end of the spectrum if she did have it, so I can't see her having too many problems.

This is crazy, I've only mentioned this to a couple of people and now I'm diarying it. Lunacy. That's what it is.

A New Obsession

I now officially LOVE roller derby! I've only watched one bout, and I've been to one practice (and I can barely stand up on skates at the moment) but I am ADDICTED. Next practise is tomorrow and I can not wait! Ok, my bum is still a very interesting colour after last week, but hey, I think bruises come with the territory.

That was short-lived...

Ah, Charlie awakes. Probably because Heather just put a stuffed monkey on him and screamed "look a monkey". It's all good fun!

I promise (promise!) I will be back to update soon. Honest I will. Really!

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